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Drunk folks who blacked out in most unlikely places

China resident nearly got shipped off to USA.

When alcohol knocks you out, you usually don’t have the luxury to choose where this will happen. It can be in a trash bin or even on the neighbour’s matrimonial bed…

China resident nearly got shipped off to USA

A China resident was so drunk that he somehow managed to mistake a container for his room at a local hotel and passed out inside. Jiang Wu woke up the following day to realise the grave error and began phoning friends and family for help.

Unbeknown to Wu, the container was exactly one hour away from being placed on a cargo ship bound for Los Angeles — a two-week trip.

Even after Wu managed to get in touch with police and conveyed his predicament, he still faced a serious race against the clock, as he was unable to identify the container he was in. Happily, thanks to banging noises he made, Wu was ultimately found in a container stacked some 60 feet above the ground.

Pair tossed in garbage truck after passing out in litter bin

Talk about getting trashed! Two drunk people who fell asleep inside a dumpster in Tampa, US, after a drunken binge, were tossed into the back of a garbage truck and ended up at a garbage dump site.

Workers at the garbage site were shocked when they heard yelling from a pile of trash and after checking, found Donald Jordan, 37, and Lisa Sirbella, 49, trapped in the middle of garbage.

The boozy duo appeared “really intoxicated,” and had blacked out in a garbage bin, according to police. They were rescued and taken to hospital.

News anchor snoozed during live broadcast

During a Fox News segment in 2012, a reporter who reportedly went to work after a drunken binge, fell asleep during a live broadcast!

The news caster on duty was utterly flummoxed when he went live to the US capital where the reporter in question was on the standby, only to find that his reporter had dozed off!

The Fox presenter said, “Doug Luzader is live on the scene with an update on all of this. Doug, good morning, good to see you.” There was no response.

It soon became clear from the broadcast picture that Luzader had in fact fallen asleep!The presenter’s attempts to awaken him proved fruitless before the feed was cut. It later turned out that the reporter had blacked out.

Kilifi man mistakenly flakes out in neighbour’s house

Residents of Kiwandani in Kilifi were shocked after a drunk man somehow confused his house with that of the neighbour and comfortably fell asleep in the neighbour’s bedroom.

The man, who had been on a drinking spree, staggered into the neighbour’s home and blacked out on the matrimonial bed. The neighbour, who was doing laundry outside, was shocked to hear snores emanating from her bedroom prompting her to go and check, only to find the man sound asleep.

The man was later dragged out by his wife to his own house, bringing the curtains down on a hilarious episode that left residents in stitches.

64-year-old rose with his vital organ missing

In case you thought losing a phone after a night of drinking is bad, here’s a narrative to show how bad it can get. A man from Dominican named Geraldo Ramos passed out drunk and woke up to find he had no penis.

The 64-year-old man said he has no clue where his organ went, but neighbours insist that Ramos was attacked by a dog while drunk. Ramos, however, has no recollection of this.

Burglar slept on the job

There are jobs where you may sleep at work and get away with it, but burglary is totally off the list. Police in Sarasota, US arrested a drunk man who had broken into a home, stolen household items and put them in a sack then fell asleep on the couch!

A resident woke up in May 2015 and found 29-year-old Timothy Bontrager sleeping on her living room couch with a sack full of stolen goods beside him.

She immediately phoned the cops who arrived just in time to arrest the man before he woke up. “This is perhaps the easiest arrest we have ever made,” said one of the arresting officers.

Reveller woke up 110 kilometers away

A drunk reveller took the very long route home when he curled up and had a snooze in a train in Osnabrück, Germany. He’d been on a Saturday night bender and in the early hours of Sunday, realised that he was too tanked to get home.

When he wound up near a railway he spotted a freight train, which he climbed into and then fell fast asleep. A hours later, he awoke when a crane operator spotted him while unloading goods from the train in Hamburg, 110 kilometres away!

Blacked out in Norway and woke up in Sweden

A drunk man fell asleep in his car in Norway and woke up in Sweden after the car was stolen by two women. The Norwegian had one too many drinks while enjoying a night out in Oslo, Norway and blacked out in the car.

Apparently, the vehicle was stolen by two women while he slept. They proceeded to drive it to Gothenburg, Sweden with him in the back before dumping him.

He was found by cops the following day who took details of his car. Luckily for him, the vehicle was found the next day and the two women arrested. The man was later given the keys and allowed to drive the car back to Oslo.

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