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‘I Was Seven And Half Months Pregnant when I Did The Video ‘ Rapper Sugar Emcee Talks Of Her New Jam

Sugar Emcee is a Kenyan rapper who is soaring to greater heights and people are embracing her music. She just released a single which she did while she was pregnant and the song is being received well.

During an exclusive interview with Kiss FM presenters Adelle and Shaffie, she got to talk of the inspiration behind her new music Salute madem, her next project and her take on politics.



The song Salute madem wanatake over the game  like for now  the political field we now have female Governors and even taking part for various seats in the government and taking up the challenge.I was like this year women are really trying so that is the inspiration behind the song.

In that state of pregnancy you really tend  to feel what is going on and that is the vibe I got.I wrote the song when I was about seven and a half pregnant and I did the video when I was eight and a half and i released it just after I gave birth.

The reception of the song has been great actually very surprising.I am very grateful to my fans like the guys who have bee with me since day one and am getting new fans.Its been amazing I didn’t expect like people to respond so well.

I also guess we all look up to a certain female -our moms, sisters our spouse and I feel that way we did very well.Am so grateful.”



She also added

My next project am working for an album which will be called Salute madem  but it will feature other different topics.But the next immediate project it is a political song because obviously it has been a political year so it is called politics I have already written it ,now it is just record.

She concluded by saying,

My thoughts concerning what is going on politically I  feel like we are taking issues so far because it is like we have a taken a whole year just on politics and am like I thought we were grown up than that.

But am impressed by Kenyans who have remained calm and trying to hold on to situations.Business have been really hard and people are still keep on and I applaud them for that and our God is faithful I know it is gonna work on the end.Peace Kenyans

Here is the song.





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