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Haha! Eric Omondi Has Just Nailed It With “How To Be A Congolese Musician

Eric Omondi has done several impressions before, from channeling Barack Obama to pretending to be Vera Sidika. This time round, he is showing us how to be a Congolese musician.

Eric Omondi posing
Eric Omondi. photo credit: courtesy

He teamed up with GQ Dancers and Antonio the MC to bring the whole skit to life. In the video, the entertainer and his counterparts had spot on makeup and styling to suit their purpose which they nailed. Eric Omondi shows with this video that you are not safe from his comedic tentancles.

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Some of the things that stood out is that Congolese musicians travel with a big team — not even Nigerians can beat that. They travel with a big clique, they ‘deal’ with issues on the spot (referring to the Koffi Olomide incident in Kenya) and they also don’t put an effort into learning a foreign language.

In the humourous video, the comedian shows off dance moves and does a perfect Lingala impression. Check out the video below:


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