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‘I Will Tell Nyakundi’ DJ Mo Busts His Wife Wearing His Shirt And He’s Not Pleased About It

DJ Mo and Size 8 have always served couple goals and many youngsters admire their marriage because they never hide their affection and love to each other.

Ladies love to wear their men’s clothes because for some reason, they look much better on them and some want to just feel like their baes are around them.

dj mo

Well, DJ Mo is not a happy man. He went ahead to reveal that Size 8 went for an interview in his sweater without him knowing about it.

Taking to social media, he expressed himself writing, “Just got home and am watching this program and @size8reborn – my sweater umepita nayo sawa tu maliza ukuje –😠.”

His post really cracked his fans up with one fan warning Size 8 not to go back home after the interview.

Size 8 on the other hand was super apologetic and explained that she was in a hurry and hadn’t prepared what to wear.

size 8

woi pole swity 🙈🙈🙈🙈I had not planned what to wear it was a last minute rush.” Lol.

DJ Mo is not the only one who has complained about his wife wearing his clothes. A while back, Nameless also shamed his wife Wahu on social media for wearing his shirt and hat.

He said, “She was posing for a photo.. what she doesn’t know is i was taking evidence ndio niwaonyeshe… huyu was salad pool anachukuanga nguo zangu na kofia zangu all the time… that is my white top and that hat mnaijua ni yangu ..😠😠OH WHY?? mkimpata kwa njia mwambie hanifanyi poa!!😡.”

dj mo

Read some of the comments below;


Liz: Ni yenyu si yako��


Viyerrah: Hawezi fanya hivo na venye huna sweater mingi





Ennkiennki: Wako na wahu right? Uliza @namelesskenya 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊


Jibrilblessing: Hata hio nywele niyako Bro wawawa…😂😂😂



Jonah: Sijui tuite Cyprian nyakundi hapa 😂😂😂😂😂


ndanu_july: @size8reborn Don’t go home today pliz😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @djmokenya You made my night….”ati maliza ukuje woi

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