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‘Sielewi Hii Story Ilitoka Wapi’: Kelele Takatifu’s Didi Man Denies Debt Rumours

Former Kelele Takatifu member Didi Man has finally explained what exactly happened a while back when he was accused of owing someone money and didn’t pay.

Speaking to Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars, he said that he didn’t even know where all the stories were coming from.


Most of the things I’ve been through ni weird sana because ni zenye sielewi zilitoka wapi. There’s a guy who started posting stuff on social media that I owed him money and apparently it’s a guy who brought me an artiste akaniambia niaje, since you are already popular in a way, nisaidie na huyu artiste. Nikamwambia ok but you’ll have to pay for a video and everything. Akasema no worries. Kidogo kidogo akaniambia nilikua nimepanga na mtu wa video tukamcon, nikamuuliza how much akasema 15,000. So nikashindwa video gani mtu hulipa 15,000,” he explained.

When asked if doing gospel music is hard, he said, “It very hard. As young people, you make  a lot of mistakes and when you are in the limelight, there’s no room for mistakes because people won’t take it lightely, they’ll judge. So you really have to be  careful out here.”

Didi 1

Didi Man has released yet another song, Saluti, and he explained what inspired him to write the song.

Saluti is actually a song that is based on a situation I went through a couple of months ago. I was really depressed over some stuff, but at the end of the day what gave me strength it’s strength from God. Me coming out of that situation, I salute sir Jah.”

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