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Hassan Joho locks horns with President Kenyatta, again

Hassan Joho locks horns with President Kenyatta, again

The fight between President Kenyatta and Governor Hassan Joho on Monday brought Mombasa Island to at a standstill ahead of the relaunch of Mtongwe Ferry.

This was after police mounted a heavy search on vehicles and people using Nyali Bridge in what Mr Joho says was plan to net him.

The officers from the Presidential Escort, the Flying squad and GSU were stopping every vehicle accessing the bridge amid claims of a plot to block Mr Joho from accessing town.


After an hour of stop-and-search, Mr Joho, who had abandoned his vehicle to beat the traffic, arrived at the police check on a motorcycle.

The officers blocked and held Mr Joho and Kisauni MP Rashid Bedzimba, who was also riding on a motorcycle.

The officers escorted the governor to his office, where they stood guard before being joined by their colleagues from the Anti-Terror Police Unit.

It was not immediately clear what the police were investigating but Mr Joho, a fierce critic of Mr Kenyatta in the Coast, was among guests expected to attend the relaunch of the ferry.


Later, Mr Joho held a press conference where he said he had been detained at the office.

He said the officers had said they were under instructions not to allow him out until President Kenyatta leave Mombasa.

The governor condemned the office arrest, saying as the local leader, he has the responsibility of representing his people at the ferry re-launch.

The morning traffic woes saw passengers, including political and business leaders, from the North Coast spend more than three hours on the road.


The traffic became heavy after the officers were deployed to Lights Stage allegedly to block Mr Joho’s convoy.

Three officers in civilian took control of the traffic only allowing vehicles from Nyali Road, while blocking motorists from Malindi-Mombasa Road

Tired of the jam pain, matatu touts stormed out of their vehicles and confronted the officers.

At some point, the officers fled the scene after they were overwhelmed by the touts.


But the Jubilee Party accused Mr Joho of withdrawing the county’s traffic marshalls in “a deliberate and calculated move” to cause a serious traffic snarl-up.

“This is cheap tactics to win sympathy and to try and humiliate the President who is expected to open the Mtongwe Ferry shortly.” Mr Suleiman Shahbal, the Jubilee gubernatorial aspirant said.

“ This is also a continuation of his drama queen behaviour that has been witnessed before when he refused to leave a police station claiming he was being detained.”

According to a senior police officer who spoke to the Nation, the operation was targeting a “big person”.


Area police chief Christopher Rotich, however, said the operation was a “normal one”.

“What is going on is a normal duty. That is a highway used by many people and we have to do search operation” he said.


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