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Pupils block Jogoo Road over man’s killing

Pupils block Jogoo Road over man’s killing

Transport has been paralysed on Jogoo Road after pupils from St Anne’s Primary barricaded it to protest the killing of a volunteer who helped cross the busy road.

The learners claim a bus knocked down and killed the man on Tuesday as he led some of them to cross the road.


The bus driver, they told the Nation, ignored the volunteer who had already lifted the ‘Stop Children Crossing’ sign.

They said the bus was overtaking when it hit the volunteer and injured three pupils.

The minors stage protests hours after another pupil was injured in a motorcycle crash on Wednesday morning.

The pupils chanted “we want justice for our colleagues” and “no bumps, no learning” as they turned away any moving object trying to use the road.

They forced hundreds of vehicles and motorcycles to make U turn along the busy road at Likoni Road roundabout.

Residents of the area accused road users of ignoring road signs and called on the government to designate the area as a blackspot.

They want the government to erect bumps on the road to avert more accidents.


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