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Essential Tips to Help Prevent Distractions While Driving

Every driver has been distracted at least once behind the wheel. The distraction may be external—that is, as a result of things in the immediate environment, such as passengers in the vehicle or things happening on the road—or internal, where the driver may be mentally distracted or doing something while driving. Distracted driving can result in accidents leading to injury and death, as well as business losses due to interrupted delivery, vehicle maintenance, high insurance costs, and legal prosecutions.

Fleet managers and owners can help prevent distracted driving by teaching responsible driving, offering incentives to responsible drivers, and installing safety and monitoring systems. Are you wondering where you can buy real-time vehicle tracking systems? You only need to go to website of one of the best tracking solutions providers. You will get services such as live GPS vehicle monitoring, real-time video on your vehicle’s activity, and real-time alerts to your phone concerning your automobile, among many other services.

So, what are some tips that you can use to help prevent distracted driving?

Read on for a discussion on some straightforward, practical, and useful tips.

Avoid using mobile phones while driving
You may be tempted to make that call to a client, a friend, or a relative while you are driving, or to receive that call you consider to be of great importance. However, avoid using your mobile phone. In emergency occasions, consider pulling to the side to dial or receive the call. You should also avoid hands-free use of a cell phone while driving, which can equally distract you by dividing your attention. It is also unlawful in many countries to operate your phone when behind the steering wheel, and doing so may result in a ticket and fine.

Do not drive while drowsy
Driving while feeling drowsy has been reported to increase the chance of an accident by four times. Other reports indicate that 37% of US drivers have at one point nodded off or even fallen asleep at least once while driving. It is advisable to pull off the road if you feel exhausted and take a rest, rather than trying to get to your destination faster.

Minimize the amount of activity inside the car

You are better off having as few passengers as possible and reducing the things happening inside the car while you are driving. For new drivers, especially teens, you should avoid driving your friends during your first few months. In fact, some states’ graduated driving laws forbid teenage drivers from having teenage passengers in the vehicle with them during their beginning months of driving without an adult. Driving while in the company of your friends can distract you, as rookie drivers tend to focus more on their passengers than on the road.

Avoid eating food while driving

You may feel that you have a hectic schedule and decide to eat your breakfast or some other meal as you drive. While doing so may save time, it also leaves you less attentive to fellow drivers. Spilling food or drinks can take almost all your attention, putting yourself at a higher risk to cause crashes or to swerve out of your lane, which may also result in accidents.

Secure pets and children before getting on the road

Make sure children and pets are well secured or fastened before getting on the road. If they need your attention while driving, pull off and attend to them to ensure your safety and that of other vehicle occupants. You should avoid reaching into the back seat for a child or a pet, as this may cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

You can easily prevent distracted driving by avoiding multitasking. Some of the things to avoid include searching for music in the system, grooming, reaching for something, adjusting the side or driving mirrors, and any other activity that may divide your attention.

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